Thursday, June 12, 2008

Timothy Ellis Cumper, the Drag Queen

An open warning to the Filipino Community in the United Kingdom. There is a sick, grumpy old man from the United Kingdom who has been stalking Reyna Elena. He's been following me even to the bathroom. Why he loves the flush of the toilet, ask Beng! Hahaha!

There's no denying that Timothy Ellis Cumper has fallen in love with Reyna Elena. Hellumbra can't get enough of Reyna Elena. He's been stalking me in every site that I visit, carefully following every comment links that I left on my friend's blogs. The guy was just smitten! No, what could be his motive? Could it be because he wrote me a threat that I will forever be sorry because I was able to disprove his claims of the presence of hoax? Could it be because he is now inundated by the truth? Which ever search engine you use, whichever country you go, in whatever language it be – Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Colombia and Chile, we are number 1.

So now, you wonder, what's Ellumbra's next move to Reyna Elena? Why does he wants Reyna Elena so bad? Why does TIm sendt Reyna Elena a death threat? Hmmm… You Hellumbra, you're bad. Your death threat email has now landed in some official desk here in the United States. Bad, bad, bad!

Hellumbra was one hell of a guy for posting such ugly pictures of each and every one of us on Goowy. I said hell. And if you Tim care to delete them to lose the evidence, don't worry, we've captured it already and saved the files. Bad, bad, bad!

Timothy Ellis Cumper has a lot of bigotry not only amongst gays but is a sick homophobe that all gays should condemn!

So, I thought I'd return the favor by posting his true pictures. I asked my friend from Manchester and investigate Ellumbra. I'd like to find out more information about him. What a shocker! You will not believe what we had uncovered! Not only is Timothy Ellis Cumper gay, he is one big serious deep kahuna drag queen! No wonder, he left Mayen and is not interested with his wife because all along he likes men! This is the reason why he has been stalking Reyna Elena!

Look at him just coming out of a gay bar!

Talking about wanting some serious attention, even in the corn fields! Oh to be gay! And to be one seriously deep Drag Queen! Now, why would you dress like this in the cornfields? What does that tell about you? A scarecrow?

He's been out there in the nights strutting it out like a mad cow swan disease! I mean, really really wanting to be a royalty!

It didn't take long for us to find out the truth about Timothy Ellis Cumper. He's gay and a drag queen.

Love letters by Timothy Cumper to Reyna Elena (6)

There's no denying that Tim Cumper the creator of all the hoaxes in the world, the person who sent Reyna Elena death threats and a stalker is gay. He is just hiding in his old sick man facade and there's no confusion about that.

from Equa Nelle

dateThu, Jun 12, 2008 at 1:21 AM
subject Confused?

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It seems like it really is getting to you - you really are in a muddle - trying to insult me by saying I'm the same as you - gay - bak'la?

Well - true enough - but not for the obvious reasons - but you succeeded. To call me anything remotely connected to you is indeed the biggest, most disgusting insult possible.

But only you know that.

Love letters by Tim Cumper to Reyna Elena (5)

And now, my suitor was just totally enamored of me. Look here, he said "YOU", which took him forever to finally get the prize. I am so glad he's happy. He should be. I am very pretty! Here's another love letter from my suitor:

from Equa Nelle

dateMon, Jun 9, 2008 at 9:17 PM

hide details Jun 9 (3 days ago) Reply

For a "man" who purports to have humanitarian intersts at heart . . .

Let's kick a fellow man when he's down - searching for trust and help - no, let's gang up - and then kick him - no, let's do it in a very cowardly way, over the Internet, ganging up, kicking a man when he's down - searching for trust and help.

Recognise "him?" - you should - it's you.

You sick, perverted old hag.

Love letters from Tim Curper to Reyna Elena (4)

Here's another love letter sent to me by my UK suitor who obviously is getting annoyed that I was not giving him attention. He is now plotting my future.

from Equa Nelle

date Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 7:49 PM
subject: the future

hide details Jun 9 (3 days ago) Reply

the future

he sent me a hex! that asshole!

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Love letters by Tim Cumper to Reyna Elena (3)

As you can see, my grumpy old sick suitor from UK who's no Golden Goose just wants my royal attention, my beautiful face to give him that look. Oh! Don't hate me because I am beautiful. But, here, he is giving me a threat. Read on!

from Equa Nelle

date Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 7:46 PM
subject: get a life details Jun 9 (3 days ago) Reply

What a sad, sorry life - Ok - you've been seduced by the love of bling - but you have nothing original to offer this world. You are just a pimp - touting other people's products and services - skimming a little cream from other people's work - very sad.

Even sadder is the fact that you have delusions of fame - consider yourself to be important. I pity you with your diseased, sad and empty, fake little life.

It takes a certain type of person to allow themselves to promote lies and falsehoods across the Internet world - your qualifications make you ideally suited for that task.

You have really revealed yourself to be a total cretin - with no sense of civilised morality - a slimey, creepy, sycophantic gossip - no backbone - worthless.

Congratulations - you tick all the boxes - every single one.
You have even failed at the task you were given.
All you are doing is revealing what a total ass-hole you are.
He, he - go ahead - it's fun to watch you disappear down life's plughole.

I bet you wish that you had not been sucked into this affair - but your pride, your bigotry got the better of you - and, too feeble-minded to refuse - got yourself stuck in - ha, ha, ha.

You'll regret it - bigtime.

So - do you represent the true Filipino - or are you just a mutation?

Love letters by Tim Cumper to Reyna Elena (2)

Here's another love letter sent to me by my suitor. He calls himself scambuster. He's a big scam himself, who got busted with his hoax stories. Now, whichever search engine you go, if you try to search Barrio Fiesta UK 2008, Tierra Maria UK scam hoax and even the very keywords that he is using, you will know that he was inundated by the truth and nothing but the truth. You can check out Google in Germany, Yahoo in Spain, Google in Italy, United Kingdom, Chile, Colombia, anywhere in the world. Our evidence belies his lies and deception. Our evidence? His journal.

Meanwhile, here is his love letter # 2 to Reyna Elena.

E-mail :
Whois :


he, he, he, you corrupt old hag - what fun, what fun. Thanks for helping - now tierra maria estates & reyna elena are forever connected to the words CORRUPTION SCAM DECEIT etc. Something to be really proud of.

3 cheers to reyna elena "*silence*" (except for loud applause from hell.)
Not that you care, eh.

Keep up the good work. It saves me the trouble.


Love letters by Tim Cumper to Reyna Elena (1)

Timothy Ellis Cumper, aka Ellumbra must have fallen deeply in love with Reyna Elena that he continues to send me love letters. Of course, I am pretty. I am very desirable. What can I say? Here's an email that was sent to my by Mr. Tierra Maria UK Scam Hoax, Barrio Fiesta UK 2008 and Hospitals Scam.

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 6:48 AM, OFW wrote:

I really don't know how you can have the lack of intelligence to believe for one second - that anyone who reads your invitation is not going to see straight away - your obvious delight in controversy, corruption, perpetration of moral crime. You really are an impoverished person - despite your regal delusions - maybe that's why you have these delusions - to in some way try to compensate.

How you - not remotely connected to any of the original people involved in this business - not even living in the same country - have got any notion of the true facts you pretend to possess - is beyond probability. Your true value is exposed - your true worth.

You are letting the human race down - let alone your homeleand. Recent developments (not that they were needed) have proved without doubt - that the whole "hospital thing" was a scam. Tierra Maria Estates got their hands dirty - and are getting you lot to try and clear their name. It is more than obvious. Can you not stand up for real truth when it stares you in the face?

Are you afraid?